Tuesday, May 24, 2005


That squishing sound was another grape under my foot...ugh! Let me explain...

Last night was the Official Catch 'Em in Your Mouth Grape Olympics. And to think that I was the one who started it. I had just gotten a snack out for everyone and Alan was across the room from me, and I said, "Look, kids...did you ever know that your Daddy was the world-record grape catcher?" And I launched one huge grape across the kitchen, one throw right-on-the-money, and SCORE! He is so smooth at catching them that you never can be sure he's gotten 'em till he shows it off between his teeth! Elly went next and caught it just as effortlessly. So those two made it look so easy that all the kids thought it must just be in their genes and "Let the Games Begin!" Before you could say "Bob's Your Uncle" (the kids love this expression because they have an Uncle Bob on both sides), there were grapes flying everywhere, bouncing off chins, noses, foreheads & walls, hardly any hitting the target. So, enough was enough, I finally reminded them that the "no ball throwing in the house" rule now applied to grapes as well!

So for the next 10 minutes I made them scour the room, finding every stray grape in the place. Finally declared them done...until now...6:30 AM, my first step into the kitchen went "SQUISH!" And now, to add to my "to do" list before we leave on Sunday..."scrub the kitchen floor!" Oh wait, my to-do list? I know four (make that FIVE) kids who can add it to their list!

Enough writing for now...a new day awaits!

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Sandra Sisco said...

Wow! What a cool family website. I have never visited a family website before. Hope you have a fan-tab-u-lous trip! Where exactly are you going? If you make it out to California pleeeeease look us up.

Sandra Sisco
Chino Hills, CA
(951)264-0889 cell