Monday, May 23, 2005

Getting Ready For The Big Trip

Just 6 days from today we'll be on the big bird flying from Harrisburg to Denver for the long-awaited Wild West Adventure! Decided to try this blog thing to keep everyone (especially you, Mom!) updated on our trip. Plus it will help us remember every little detail (assuming we want to, that is!) of our vacation. But for now, there's too much planning to do to spend any time posting.

Tomorrow the kids have their end-of-year homeschool evaluations and being the daughter of the school board president puts just a TON more pressure on me to have it looking good. Can't have the Prez embarrassed by his grandchildren's portfolio. So when that is outta the way, it'll be full speed ahead for total trip planning!

But I can't start the final work on homeschool portfolios until I get a huge meal made & delivered to the hospital for the Zook family, whose husband/father is in surgery right this minute for removal of a brain tumor. Makes anything in my life seem so insignificant in comparison to what they are going through. I know the hospital staff looks at this family & sees Jesus in them. Please pray for this precious family.

Just checked the 10-day forecast and guess what?? RAIN predicted for the first two days of our trip. Of course. Add to the packing list...the ponchos. Check. The mittens, since the lows are expected to be in the 30's. Check. Parkas?? NO WAY!! This is a summer vacation, after all!

Laundry is calling...can't you hear it? More later!


martysue said...

I love you! You are so sweet...I was proud of you yesterday for being such a good Mom

Thanks for supper

Emily said...

Hi! I'm excited for our trip! Thanks for being such a good mother to me...I love you! :-)

Mom said...

Gracie and I miss you already!

Therese Weaver said...

Hi Fiff, Alan, Emily, Elly, Caroline and Coleman,

We miss you all and we'll be checking in often to read about your travels! It's over long weekends like this when we can catch our breath that we think of visiting you, and I logged on this morning to see that you are flying!

Fiff, you are an inspiration to me and to all Moms! Sharing your family life with us. When I read your daily summaries, I feel like I'm right there in your kitchen having a cup of coffee with you!

We'll keep you in our prayers for safe and enriching travels. We will be signing in often!
Love you all,
Terri, Tom, Jessica, Claire, Logan, Emma and Zoe Girl

mom said...

Are you there yet? Guess what! Lauren ran out of gas on the way back from the airport!

The good news it was just as she pulled into your driveway!

Ma said...

Happy Anniversary! How well i remember finding you over in the strawberry patch early on the morning of your wedding....picking strawberries and crying...happy tears..nostalgic tears and just plain Fiffer tears!

What a beautiful bride you were...I was SOOOOOO proud!

Remember all of the impatiens baskets in the church!

Remember Aunt Edith as your surrogate Granmma?

And what a wonderful day it was!

You sure did snag a good one!

And so did he!