Sunday, May 29, 2005

No Rental Car Big Enough!

We had a minivan booked through Thrifty. Now here is a problem for anyone wanting to book a minivan. I called about 5 or 6 different rental places to find a GRAND Caravan, with extra room in the back. I knew our family could never fit in a regular Caravan. No place would guarantee a Grand, but just said they would put our request in and we would get one if available. I offered to pay extra to make sure we would get a Grand, but to no avail. You just cannot reserve a Grand Caravan. We had a great $650 rate though, so I was pleased about that. Alan really wanted me to rent a big SUV, but all those rental prices came in around $2000. He really wondered whether we could fit all 6 of us plus our thousand bags into even a Grand Caravan.

We found the Thrifty shuttle bus at the airport and as we rode out to the parking lot we laughed how that big shuttle bus with huge windows was the perfect thing to rent!! So we get out to the rental office and tell the guy we really need a Grand, and he says "Oh, you only rented a Caravan...if you want a Grand Caravan that’ll be $900. Unbelievable. I explained my frustration at the rental agent who had given me misinformation. This guy understood our frustration and saw our thousand bags and told us that not only would we not fit into a regular Caravan, we wouldn't fit a Grand Caravan either. He then offered us a Ford Excursion, which we loved but couldn’t afford at $2000. Finally he said, "Look, you can have the Excursion for the price of the Grand Caravan." DEAL! All 6 of us happily piled into the big boat, which our bags barely fit into! Never mind that we’ll only get 6 miles to the gallon, we can fit! Hey, but there are no mountains, maybe we’ll get 8 mpg instead!


Mom said...

You are SUCH a Mennonite! But good!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your vacation letter.Keep them coming. Can you believe this is aunt Mildred sending this e-mail.I have only been out of the hospital a week but feeling better now keep me in your prayers.