Monday, May 30, 2005

A Hyatt for $32, anyone?

We knew we wanted to spend our first night in Denver, but it didn't really matter where (uh, except the Big Bunny Motel, that is!) So last week I booked a room on Priceline. Not having ever used Priceline before, I had no idea how much to offer, but I found a great website, which tells you how much other people have bid and what hotels they've gotten on Priceline. So the best I could figure was to bid for a three-star hotel and offer $32. You have to give your credit card number, and if they find a hotel that will accept you offer, it's a done deal. It's only after your credit card is charged that they reveal your hotel. So my big $32 bid was accepted, and the hotel assigned was...The Hyatt Regency! OK, we can handle that! As I showed the kids the website Emily was excited, but Caroline was disappointed. She said, "It sounds like this hotel is too fancy for my elevator tricks!" (See next post to learn them!) Actually, the truth is, it was fancier than even I would like. For a family of 6, the Hyatt is just a little too high falutin for us. The valet/doorman guy is the worst. I remember the first time Alan & I stayed at a fancy hotel...I think it was the Westin in Downtown we pulled up some guy opened my door and I was sure we were about to be carjacking victims! I like luxury as much as anyone else, but I don't want the door opened until I'm sure no empty Coke bottles, cameras, or kids are about to fall out. So I told Alan to please just take the wide lane so I could get out without any celebrity fanfare!
But the Hyatt it was, and the truth is besides a very fancy lobby, the hotel was not that great. Definitely not deserving of the Hyatt name...maybe that's why I could get it so cheap on Priceline. But for $32, who's complaining?!

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