Monday, June 06, 2005

Alan's tree Posted by Hello


Prayer Pal said...

Please send me these beautiful pictures of God's majesty when you return! I will write Prayer Pals for them! Maybe the photos can be published in one of my books some day.

You missed all the prayer pals written when I was in Sedona AZ in January.

God's splendor and majesty is seen in creation! I am praising Him! Thanks for posting pictures and sharing His beauty with me!

May God bless and keep your family safe on this wonderful trip! Only a gift from Him!

The Prayer Pal

Gram said...

Hi Raushes, what wonderful pictures and such a fine trip.
Sorry I haven't written more, but it's still a run-as-fast-as-you-can world, and I still don't run as fast as I did.
But some day tell me about "Alan's Tree", was it actually anchored on TOP of the rock? Such stupendous scenery and marvelous pictures! What a gift to you all.
This is FRiday night so I'll see you soon. Love to each one of you,